Leaky Roof


The cottage

The Problem

A turn of the century cottage near Aberdeen. The customer was complaining about how cold and drafty the cottage felt and how long it took to heat the place up.

He suspected rising damp but needed an accurate diagnosis. There were no visible damp patches on the walls.

The Findings

After scanning the walls with a deep penetrating wall scanner the moisture distribution chart revealed that the walls are getting damp from above, most likely because of some roof leaks. The light blue sections which represent the wetter areas of the wall are located around the upper part of the wall, while the dryer dark blue sections are mainly situated around the bottom.

bed room wall

Bedroom wall

moisture living room

Living room wall

Taking drilled moisture samples from the base of the building has indeed confirmed the findings. The wall's moisture content around the base was 0.7% volume weight, which is dry, confirming the absence of rising damp.


Drilled powder sample


Wall moisture values

The customer has been advised to has his roof checked by a professional for potential leaks, and the absence of rising damp was indeed great news.