What Customers Say...

Find out  what some of the existing Aquapol customers are saying about the Aquapol wall dehydration system. Here are some short video testimonials.


Aquapol testimonial - Farm House, Perth

This converted farm house from near Perth, Scotland had long standing damp problems. Now it is being dehydrated with the Aquapol Masonry Dehydration system. Here is a short overview of the Aquapol system after 6 months.

Duration: 3:49 mins


Aquapol testimonial - Old cottage, Perth

This 100+ year old cottage had dampness problems for years and it felt very cold. The building didn't have a damp proof course (DPC) and the owners have decided to use the Aquapol system. This is how the Aquapol system worked out for them after 1 year.

Duration: 9:12 mins


Aquapol testimonial - 16th Century Castle

Ochiltree Castle is a 16th-century L plan tower house in West Lothian, Scotland. The castle is being dehydrated with the Aquapol system. The castle owners are sharing their experience about the eco-friendly Aquapol technology.

Duration: 10:28 mins


Aquapol Dries Out A Residential Apartment

An old 1910 built residential apartment has been dried out by the Aquapol system. The owners describe in detail their journey with Aquapol and share their views on:

- Why they have chosen the Aquapol system
- How does it compare to other damp proofing systems on the market
- The condition of the building before and after
- Changes to the room climate and smell
- The effect of the dehydration on their heating bills
- Details about the installation... and a lot more.

This 9 minute video will answer a lot of your questions about Aquapol, watch it first.

Duration: 9:32 mins


Aquapol System Dries Wet Basement

The basement of this large apartment complex has been dried out with the Aquapol system. Twelve years later the building and its basement are still bone dry, suitable even for the storage of paper.

Duration: 2:00 mins


Aquapol Dries Out Hohenberg Castle

This small castle built in 1901 fell into a general state of disrepair, before finally has been dried out by the Aquapol system.

Duration: 1:37 mins


Aquapol Dries Out 500 Year Old Farmhouse

A 500 year old farmhouse with partial basement, in its former state an uninhabited ruin only suitable for storage, has been dried out by Aquapol. The dry building then has been fully renovated, as explained by the builder.

Duration: 1:59 mins