Listed Building, Edinburgh

Listed building in the Edinburgh City Centre

This premier house in the heart of Edinburgh has been built in 1807 and it has been used as a residential home by a family and their live-in servants. From 1950, for a few years, it has been used as an office. In 1959 it was converted into a small hotel and it has been subdivided accordingly into smaller bedrooms. The hotel went bankrupt in 1963, the house got auctioned out and bought by the Edinburgh Council, and has been used as a respite hostel. In 2010 the building was purchased by its present owner and used in part as a private residence, in part as rental flats.

At the time of purchase the house was in a very poor condition and very much adapted for institutional use. During the past few years the building has been gradually returned to its grand state as one of Edinburgh New Town's premier houses.

Just like many other houses of this age, rising damp has been an ongoing problem. The back of the house has been treated with chemical injections a few years ago, then signs of rising damp have appeared around the front.

Past chemical injections

Basement flat

Basement flat with rising damp

The house also has 3 cellars in the basement under the street pavement, which were in extremely poor condition. Because of the excessive dampness they were unusable even for storage.

Basement area

Basement flat and cellars

Entrance to the basement flat and cellars

damp cellar

Soaking wet cellar

Cellar ceiling

Tanking the cellars to make them suitable for storage would have been very expensive, hence the owner of the property has shown great interest in the alternative Aquapol technology.

Aquapol installation

Aquapol electrosmog

Verifying the installation

The Aquapol system has been installed in February 2014 with the purpose of drying out the 2 basement flats plus the 3 cellars under the street pavement, all of them suffering from rising damp.

The dehydration is currently underway.

Floorplan with the Aquapol installation technical details