The Aquapol Masonry Dehydration System — Overview

The AQUAPOL masonry dehydration system is the latest development in wall drying technology. Its main area of application is the dehydration of buildings affected by rising damp.

The heart of the system is a small, lampshade-like device which is installed onto the ceiling.

Aquapol device

Aquapol system in operation, drying out a Scottish home

The device uses wireless technology to dry out the walls.

Using simple physical laws, the Aquapol masonry dehydration system uses certain wavelengths from Earth’s vast energy field to stop water rising inside the capillaries. The results are permanent because the system addresses the root cause of rising damp by nullifying the capillary forces. As a result water can not rise anymore in the brickwork, the building dries out and it will stay dry thereafter.

By using simple physical laws, the Aquapol masonry dehydration system permanently handles the root cause of rising damp.

The Aquapol system can be used to dry out walls both above and below ground level (e.g.cellars, basements, conversions).

Watch The Video

Watch this short 1 minute overview of the Aquapol wall dehydration system.


This video contains key information on rising damp - how you can recognize it and more importantly what can you do about it.