Aquapol Drying Out Lochnaw Castle

Lochnaw Castle

Short History

Lochnaw Castle is a 16th-century tower house five miles from the town of Stranraer, in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Lochnaw Castle Estate, for centuries the hereditary home of the Scottish Clan Agnew, and once renowned as one of the finest sporting, fishing and exotic garden estates in Scotland, fell into neglect by the mid-20th Century. After changing hands a number of times after the departure of the Agnews the estate was rescued by the current owners in 1999. Having spent a decade restoring Lochnaw Castle, the owners are now keen to restore the fishery and surrounding woodlands and gardens to their former glory.

Dampness Measurements

To determine the extent of rising damp an extensive moisture survey has been performed. The castle walls have been scanned with a deep penetrating scanner, which revealed the extent of rising damp on the ground floor. Sww below some of the measurement images, the wall sections alongside the dampness ditribution map (these are NOT infrared pictures based on heat loss, but true moisture distribution charts).

Rising damp in the Great Hall

Rising damp in another wall section

Rising damp under the stairs

Full wall scan showing blocked gutter on the left, rising damp on the right


As part of the restoration, the building fabric is now being dried out by the eco-fiendly Aquapol technology. Becasue of the size of the building the largest Aquapol system has been installed.


The Aquapol system

The castle owner

The dehydration is underway, follow-up moisture measurements will be posted when they will become available.